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I realized that I didn’t know the concept, or the feeling of loneliness, so I told him to go on skype and from there, somehow he looked out at the window, the light was great and I saw an opportunity to take a portrait of him.

Im here to have a nice naughty conversation with someone that can write more then a 3 word sentence and can make up/follow a story line.

It gave him the maximum possible sentence, calling his behaviour "astonishing".

He pretended to be a boy or girl and persuaded his victims to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam, then posted the images online or threatened to do so.

Much like Nan Goldin‘s documentary of AIDS and death in the With male suicide rates at all-time high (it remains the number one cause of death for men aged under 50) the conversation about the limiting tropes of masculinity, such as the silencing of emotions, has reached a critical tipping point.

The recent death of Chinese artist Ren Hang, who at 29 succumbed to his depression was a palpable indicator of how we need to exercise more compassion, awareness and dialogue regarding the mental health of young men.

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  1. Otherwise, perhaps you can convince some lucky person to come visit your lookout tower? So be sensible and keep your Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites separate from your dating life!