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Double click on a bar to bring up the navigation bar dialog, or right click on it and choose 'Edit navigation bar' from the context menu.The dialog will allow you to set the properties of the navbar along with add buttons and sub menus to your navbar.View a video on navbars from here The Designs gallery contains a wide range of template Navigation bars for you to use.There are both horizontal and vertical bars and they are fully customizable.Lightweight and pure CSS Mega Navbar component, that uses the standard navbar markup, and the fluid grid system classes from Bootstrap 3.

You can also use your own styles to position togglers. i changed the links in the navbar to be so that it would (hopefully) go to the index page and then jump down to the right section of the page with the jump link. which allows me to now navigate properly between my two pages and the jump links, but if you are on the xp page and you click one of the jump link links, it now makes the h1 text go behind the navbar. So, i'm needing help to fix the current issue of my headers going behind my navbar when coming from my xp page (or other pages i add in the future) I would really appreciate help with this!Xara Designer Pro & the Web Designer series includes special support for navigation bars (known as Navbars for short), making it easy to add, edit and delete buttons.In order to stand out from the crowd, while still utilizing the power of Bootstrap framework, you can start from one of the great looking and free Bootstrap templates listed below.Also, check these free Bootstrap Word Press themes if you are a Word Press developer.

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