Tribes ascend is validating

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Now another game is attracting unfavourable comparisons with Overwatch: Hi-Rez's class-based shooter Paladins.

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(The pre-alpha video playing below, of the mech-riding Ruckus in action, was posted by IGN before the Overwatch closed beta began.) Taken together, it makes a strong argument: Paladins and Overwatch share some undeniable similarities, but claims that Paladins ripped off Overwatch don't hold up.

The character archetypes in Overwatch, Paladins, and other 'hero-based' MOBAs and FPSes have been well established for years, and the simpler explanation is that Paladins' character roster is a combination of those existing templates, some riffing on Global Agenda and TF2 designs, and the validation provided by Overwatch's massive success. When Gearbox released its MOBA influenced team shooter Battleborn in June, many (erroneously) thought that it was similar to Blizzard's shooter.

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