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He spent the weekend in custody after being charged under the Sexual Offences Act following television broadcasts allegedly showing a mentally ill teenage girl's rape.

expired, allege footage was thrice broadcast in October 2011 which allowed public identification of a rape victim.

Even today, in Trinidad and Tobago, it is still an issue not many people willingly discuss, due to religion, family ties and general opinion.

Unlike most of the English-speaking Caribbean, T&T’s close proximity to oil-rich Venezuela allows its energy-based economy to rely mostly on the petroleum and petrochemicals industry; T&T is the largest exporter of LNG to the USA.

Walking through Port of Spain upon his release, he twice mounted tables to address following supporters.

"They can lock me up for a month, they can lock me up for two months, but I will still come out and will continue my fight for you.

“Sometimes I feel lonely, like the only person going through this, because I don’t really personally know anyone else who’s gay in my area.” His loneliness, however, is sometimes resolved by confiding in one of his classmates at school. She listens, and there are times she would give her opinion on things, but somehow it’s not enough – I don’t think she understands everything I’m going through, and sometimes she thinks it’s only a phase brought on by puberty or something.

But I’m confident she won’t tell anybody else.” To fill the gap, Chris uses the Internet to reach out to others “like him”.

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