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External shutters also protected windows from vandalism, and were common on the ground floor windows of vulnerable buildings like public houses, at a time when glass was expensive.It is rare to find shutters dating from before the late 17th century and most date from the 18th and 19th centuries.Sussex is steeped in bonfire history, dating back to the burning of protestant martyrs in Lewes during Tudor times.

Many have been covered with so many layers of paint that they no longer open, while others have been brutally stripped of all paint using blowtorches and the like, exposing pine panels that were never intended to be seen.

However, many house owners who appreciate their historic value also attest to their usefulness in making houses warmer and more secure, so the shutter is far from obsolete.

Above left: panelled shutters in a house at Latteridge, South Gloucestershire (1686) with a second leaf of just three inches wide, yet fully panelled.

While General William Booth was conducting the opening services of Brighton Congress Hall, in March, an announcement was made that a warm friend and sympathiser of the Army had given a sum of money for the purchase of instruments for a band at Worthing.

Apart from a short time when the band ceased to function between 18 due to the Worthing Riots, the band has been making music locally ever since.

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