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“Singaporean girls are materialistic, demanding and stubborn.” says William (not his real name), a 32-year old restaurateur.“I just want a simple girl.” William is handsome, financially stable, and prefers dating Thai women.Only 29 per cent of Singapore women agreed to dating men regardless of their lower education level.Love apparently also cannot take off if the men are shorter.

For 28 per cent of them, a pretty face first attracts their attention, mostly.Some prefer Vietnamese girls because they are cheaper to maintain.I prefer Thai women because I can speak the language,” William continues.Technically speaking “dating” is not a problem while eventually everything around it might be.Singapore, an easy place to blend into A poignant surrounding factor that can cause problems when dating a girl from an Asian society is, culture.

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He’s also part of a growing class of local men who have given up completely on relationships with Singaporean women.

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